Our Story


Our story has changed…again! 

Named for the founder’s two daughters, Madison Mackenzie Home started right here in Newfoundland in 1998 as a home based floral design business. By 1999, the business had grown and our first brick and mortar location was opened in Grand Falls - Windsor. For twenty years, we operated retail stores throughout NL, with our steadfast location in the last ten years being in St John’s as well as Grand Falls-Windsor, NL. But our world changed literally, overnight, and we quickly found ourselves having to pivot for survival. People suddenly could not go out to shop. Everyone hunkered down as our daily lives were guided by the advice from our local medical and political professionals. A pivot was inevitable and necessary. It was time to close our brick and mortar stores to focus on bringing our product lines directly to our customers through our website and delivery right to their doorstep. We wanted to focus directly on our customer’s needs, and to create a new shopping experience that would be better suited to the new lifestyle that each of us had suddenly encountered.

Fast forward two years, restrictions lifted and people began to resume a new normal. So we decided to try a new normal too with a new downtown shop to compliment our online store. Back to our small boutique roots and so happy to serve people in person again! And now a pick up in store location for our online store. 

We love what we do, especially when it comes to helping our customers create a space they just can’t wait to come home to. Chat with us through our website, our FB page or Instagram messaging, to help with any product and purchase questions. We have served our customers for the past twenty two years and we look forward to serving them for the next twenty two.
Its a long story, a changing story. It’s our story and we’re forever grateful for everyone that has been, is and will be a part of that. 💝