FAT Paint

The FAT Paint Company makes chalk-style paint that goes on smooth, distresses easily, and finishes with flair. Originally created by an artisanal brother-sister duo in British Columbia, Canada, FAT Paint transforms old furniture, frames, glass, metal or fabric into enviable works of upcycled art.
Available in a variety of colours and sizes.


FAT Goods:

  • FAT Paint: 

    • The classic chalk-style paint with endless possibilities
    • Perfect for refinishing furniture, cabinetry, frames and home décor
    • Low-VOC
    • Available sizes: Sample, Pint and Quart.
    • See colour palette for available colours.
  • FAT Wax Beeswax Polish

    • The perfect finish for your FAT Paint project
    • Museum quality polish; Creamy, easy to spread with a pleasant beeswax aroma
    • Carnuba and beeswax polish with Natural, White or Patina finish
    • Available in a 50g or 200g jar
  • Clear Top Coat

    • A subtle sheen finish for surfaces requiring more durability
    • Pearl-sheen, clear and non-yellowing finish
    • Complimentary to the chalk-style painted look
    • Available in 473 mL/16 US Fl. Oz.